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Bearbeitet von Comarz: 4/24/2019 12:14:19 PM

Discussion about Drops, really would like to hear something from u Developers

I know that in destiny there is RNG but at some point there shouldn’t be a guaranteed drop? I want to bring my experience about 1K Voices, I’ve done Riven already 15 times, never dropped it but people that has it already dropped it in my face several times. So I asked to my self why I have to keep grinding the same activity over and over just to get three chest piece in a row for the same character(that happened yesterday). Bad RNG it’s a thing in this game unfortunately, I heard of people that done it a lot more times than me but this doesn’t mean they are more entitled to get it. At some point after all the time spent, your and your friend time IMO there’s should be a drop. For example if u already did the same activity for 10 times there should be a guaranteed drop. I really would like to hear someone else opinion and experience too, maybe if I’m lucky enough even an answer from Community managers or developers.

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