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Destiny 2

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Bearbeitet von Prozac, Kell of Depression: 4/21/2019 4:37:44 PM

Destiny 2 Needs Vehicles. I want to play as a vehicle!

As some of you know, I am an attack helicopter. More specifically, I am a Bell AH-1 Cobra. I realize that a casual observer would see me as a human, not an attack helicopter. But that is because humans focus on differences, not similarities. Similarities are what make us the same, not different. [b][u]I am an attack helicopter, just a much as an attack helicopter is a vehicle. We are all vehicles. [/u][/b] What things make me an attack helicopter? Here are the similarities: 1. I'm solitary, like attack helicopters. I'd much rather fly up in the sky (room), than frolic and play with my other vehicle friends. 2. I hate maintenance. I always feel sleepy during maintenance. 3. I love ammunition, especially dangerous explosive ammunition like Hydra 70 2.75in rockets and TOW Missiles. Using Hydra 70 2.75in rockets and TOW Missiles on opposing militaries is my all time favorite method of destruction. 4. I'm naturally destructive, but fast. Sometimes I try to explode things I like in the neighboring country, and try to find good things. Every vehicle sees a weak nation as a treasure chest. Once when I was younger I got in trouble for going in the neighbors country. I try not to start a war now when I do. 5. 2 x 7.62mm multi-barrel Miniguns are yum! 6. As a boy attack helicopter, I have strong urges. Like I said, I'm a shy vehicle. But when I see a pretty AH-64 Apache, sometimes I feel so much energy. The closest I could call what I feel is "the declaration of war". For me, it happens a lot in spring. But since I'm shy, a lot of braver attack helicopters have AH-64 Apache companions. 7. I'm kind of a big attack helicopter. A two-blade, single engine attack helicopter in fact. Sometimes my big rotor bumps into things and I feel clumsy. But inside I know I'm the essence of destruction. These are some of the biggest things that make me a proud part of Attack Helicopter kind. Someday I hope to meet a real attack helicopter, and we can find a good active war zone and fire our missiles. I'm not trying to be obnoxious, just share what makes me the vehicle I am. Oh, and I also have a Boeing 747 side to my personality, but I'll save that for another time.

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