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Bearbeitet von Kenton1008: 4/12/2019 1:30:58 PM

[Opinion] Another post about infusion, but this one is different!

I've seen both sides of the argument, and understand their points, but I'm going to give my take: Enhancement cores are easy enough to get that they don't have any [i]real[/i] reason to be removed, but maybe the cost of infusion could be lowered by one core - making legendaries only one core to infuse and exotics only two. The real enemy of infusion is... glimmer. Friggen glimmer. It costs 5000 for one legendary infusion! I'm always broke, man. I have a bajillion planetary materials, so I can just buy some from spider. [spoiler]thanks for reading my unwarranted rant, anyway[/spoiler] [spoiler]have a nice day[/spoiler] [spoiler]:)[/spoiler] Edit: tags Edit 2: made title more appropriate to the topic body

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