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Bearbeitet von LeVante: 4/9/2019 7:52:28 PM

Got Luna's Howl, it's bu####it that requires skills. Won't use

I'm more a pve player but I do play PvP regularly. I decided to grind for Luna because it's so ridiculously overpowered in my opinion. Every time I said that on forums & Reddit I was always told that it's not true that it actually requires skills to use Luna's Howl. On top of that I'm definitely not a handcannon fan so it took me a long while to complete the quest (about a month). But I made it and today I collected my reward. I tried it just to see what is it like and I was shocked by how disgustingly easy is to use. That thing stays completely put, straight and doesn't move. I couldn't perceive any recoil at all and it does a hell of a damage at range that you'd never suspect. Easy 3 tap most of the times, so stupidly easy from close range to a large extent of mid range. Do you want to counter any pulse or scout? Easy just slide towards your opponent and keep spamming the trigger. It's complete b#####it that Luna's Howl requires skills. It's a pure and simple weapon design mistake that brings all of us into an unbalanced PvP experience. It's not at all a surprise that this weapon is the top of the meta with over 10.3% of the kills (source On top of that let's not forget about all the people [b]paying[/b] for Luna's Howl! In the UK it costs around £40 but I know for a fact some friends in the US who paid $70!! That's so ridiculous!!! It's pay to win! I will not use this abomination. It's just unfair

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