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Bearbeitet von Ion: 4/10/2019 8:42:47 PM

Feedback: hand cannon dominating over other gun types

Just wanted to share a small opinion when it comes down to pvp gameplay, which concerns hand cannons. The dev team always had a love for hand cannons (even on D1) but the crucible has started to feel more overwhelming due to hc's. this meta has felt more duller than pulse rifle meta and after playing for a while ive noticed that its really not worth using another loadout that doesnt involve a hand cannon; their time to kill simply outclasses other weapons at lots of range. While we have Scout and pulse rifles which are great for maps with large spaces and open areas, smg and autorifle at close to mid range and the rarely used sidearms as well, none of them feels enjoyable in crucible anymore when going against someone with hc at almost any range. This is not a matter of choosing the correct loadout to counter this specific meta but more of having the option to choose another weapon and have fun with it on pvp, right now it feels like using a hand cannon is the only way to survive on crucible rather than play normally on it. Hopes some of you agree to the notion that maybe hand cannons are a little bit too powerfull for their own good, and cheers to the dev team for keeping up this game up and running for so long. Ion <3

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