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4/10/2019 5:50:51 PM

Add meaning to everything. Make everything cost cores.

That's the key to making this game great. They are on to something here. If cores make infusion meaningful, then think of how meaningful we could make everything else. [u]Traveling to the tower: 1 core.[/u] ‼wow, meaningful‼ [u]Playing a crucible match: 1 core[/u] ‼such meaning‼ [u]Gambit: 1 core[/u] ‼meaningful 💯‼ [u]Gambit Prime: 2 cores[/u] ‼🆒️ meaning #1‼ [u]Gambit blockers: Drain cores from your inventory.[/u] ‼Exciting [u]AND[/u] meaningful‼ [u]Each death: Drops 50% of your total cores.[/u] ‼💯🆗️👍‼ [u]Buying 1 core from Spider: Costs 2 cores and an additional core for each subsequent core purchased that day.[/u] ‼🤖💯🆗️🆒️9000+‼ This is just the start. I'm sure the community could come up with many more meaningful ideas. Let's make this game meaningful all around!

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