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4/9/2019 2:54:42 PM

Currency Enhancements

#1 - Doing Escalation Protocol waves should drop a resonate stem at the end of each wave. Since Public Events on Mars get swallowed/delayed by Escalation protocol, it would be nice if the drop rate of the stems increased. However many months later and farming patrols and lost sectors for stems to try and get Winter Wolf has become a Sisyphisian struggle bordering on self-inflicted mental torture. If implementing some kind of repetition protection or drop rate increase per node accessed cannot be easily implemented, at least make the process of collecting stems to run the loop easier. I have ever other piece of gear needed for Wayfinder except for a the one with the most indirect and un-engaging acquisition loop. #2 - Add Enhancement cores to Crucible/Infamy ranks, not only at top level resets. I think adding either 1 for each subrank level, or 3 at each full rank level would incentivize players to engage more with the content, and relieve some of the grief over the issue. The large reward at reset is very nice and should not be removed. Overall I do not have a problem with infusion, and I understand that stripping cores from infusion may be a significant effort. I am never particularly low on cores and if I need to bring a piece of gear up I am happy to grind out a higher level drop of the same type to use for infusion, but I can appreciate others choices for how they wish to play. I would hope both of these suggestions to be an easy to implement QOL improvements not detracting for more substantial content development.

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