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4/8/2019 8:33:44 AM

An idea for Pinnacle Sniper Rifle

People hoped for a sniper rifle this season, for some crucible steamroll, we didn't get one, so there's my idea how could such a weapon even work and be considered "pinnacle". NAME: Redrix's Hawkeye ARCHETYPE: Rapid-fire frame SCOPE: low-zoom (like Sole Survivor) PERK 1: Hawkeye - your radar stays up when aiming down sights (like Ace and MIDA) PERK 2: Sharpshooter - contains snapshot, when you quickscope an enemy (scope and shoot in one second), you deal much more damage (oneshot bodyshot in crucible) Disclaimer: I chose these perks, because the radar is something that sniper rifles are avoiding, as it is an important part of balancing them, that snipers must stay alerted of their surroundings and have to always break their scoping to check the radar. So, to have this a pinnacle weapon, this was first thing that came to my mind, as it would be a wet dream for any real sniper out there, to stay alerted all the time, even when scoping. The second perk is another pinnacle thing, in my opinion, something people ask for, to be able to one-shot body shot in crucible. Or atleast be able to shut down supers. You can shut down supers with this thing, but to make it not so easy, it requires you to quickscope, which requires quite a skill, so it is not a free cheese for Crucible, but it rewards those who are skilled enough to wield it. Which is the point in my opinion, a sweet reward for your investment and skill.

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