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4/2/2019 5:23:54 AM

I Never Received The Drifter Allegiance Option

I thought that I was just sleepy one night and chose a side for the Drifter Allegiance quest without paying attention, but it looks like I didn't get the option to choose at all. I've watched many videos online and none of the dialogue or quest steps that follow making the decision are available to me, so it looks like I definitely didn't make a decision. Also, I looked at my Triumphs and neither allegiance options have been marked as completed. I have done many games of Gambit and completed many Drifter bounties, so there have been many opportunity to receive this quest. He never calls me "Snitch" so you would assume that I sided with him, but I have never received the next quest step to visit Spider. Am I doing something wrong? Has this happened to anyone else? I haven't done any Reckoning games yet. Does that matter? Thanks for your input

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