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4/2/2019 2:31:02 AM

"Find fireteam" needs work and/or consequences

1. add in bold caps to the top of the page "IF YOU CREATE A FIRETEAM, INVITES AND CLOSING THE FIRETEAM ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY" 2. Add ability to report fireteam listings that get ignored so they can be cleaned out. I'm sure a lot of my ignored joins are because people don't bother to close a fireteam when they're done. 3. With that in mind, listings should timeout automatically if the creator and at least one player who joined are not in an activity x time after the join. 4. Institute demerits if you create a fireteam and are not seen in an activity with someone who joined once the fireteam has been flagged as ready. TL;DR getting sick of radio silence when I lfg and the players and the toolset need improvement

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