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Bearbeitet von Ditherian: 3/23/2019 11:43:04 PM

D2 Exodus Crash strike getting stuck before the boss arena

Hello. First time posting to the forums. When playing the Exodus Crash strike in Destiny 2, and the rest of my fireteam winds up significantly ahead of me, sometimes, when I climb the platforms and reach the entrance to the boss arena, there's still a force field which stops me from entering it. This resets if the entire fireteam dies and causes a “return to last checkpoint”, but I haven't found any other way to get past it. Causing only my own character to die doesn't help; I just respawn before the area with the platforms. (I can also go backwards to exit the area and wander around the immediately adjoining zone on Nessus, but that doesn't seem to help.) Today, I apparently encountered this along with a second member of my matchmade fireteam at the same time. We emoted at each other a few times and they revived me after I experimented with blowing myself up with my rocket launcher right at the door. The third member, who was in the boss arena, subsequently left the activity. This did not fix the problem, so we were left unable to progress. I think a new third eventually joined, and spawned in the boss arena. I subsequently left since I didn't want to wait around an unknown amount of time for the third to finish things solo. Is this a known glitch? I didn't see it in the Known Issues list, but I had some trouble navigating that list due to the large number of expandable sections and no apparent search function. If so, will it be fixed, and/or is there a way to work around this in-game? Thanks for your attention.

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