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3/20/2019 9:17:16 PM

Missing Thorn Email code.

So a few days ago I acquired Thorn, as have many people! However upon this past Tuesdays update the budgie store offered a replica purchase providing the player had a code sent via email. I didn't receive a code and neither did my wife as she also acquired Thorn recently too. I have also had no luck accessing the Bungie rewards site to see if I can access my code through there. I'm not sure if this is an end user error or if this is just a bug. I'd love to get myself a replica of thorn, but can't due to this error and the Bungie rewards site being innacessible at this time ( Error code 500) is what shows up when I try to access the page. If anyone has any insight on this or a similar experience please let me know :)

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