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Destiny 2

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3/15/2019 1:55:53 PM

Why I Will Always Love and Stick With Destiny

In order to understand why I'd like to say from the get go that this game in a way this game saved my life. Now hear me out for a second please and if you don't then that's fine too, but I'd like to say something that I feel like needs to be said. Now I'm a 17 year-old kid and there's a lot of things that I have to deal with on a daily basis, most prominently I suffer from a severe form of Major Depression. Most times I'm forced to deal with my problems on my own because of the complicated relationship with my family and it's hard, you feel so alone and just want to give up on everything... However, getting back into Destiny after Forsaken was announced at e3 helped me so much. I became passionate about something which was a rarity beforehand and I managed to get the courage to become a more active member in the community, joining a server full of strangers who would later became some of my dearest friends and a source of support to help me get better. The fight isn't over, even recently there are times where I want to give up but when I think like that I remember the friends I've made from this game and how they're always waiting for me to play with them again and always there to support me and that Destiny is a story about hope, that even in the darkest times there's always hope and as long as you hold onto it things can get better. So thank you Bungie for making a game that has helped me so much in my own fight against the darkness and thank you to the wonderful people in this community that helped me through this wonderful game! Remember to have a good day and even if it isn't too good there will be good ones in the future even if everything seems hopeless. Be brave Guardians!

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