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3/18/2019 12:19:10 AM


Do you like driving exotic cars, making sw33t love to supermodels, and being an international gaming maniac???  Cruce and Brews is a clan created back during vanilla destiny, the core has been playing together for 4 years now and we are looking for ACTIVE players that are either SWEATY TRYHARDS, NECKBEARDS, or SOCIAL.  You dont have to play everyday but we do like you to be social and semi active in the discord.  We aren't lookong for drones that will play solo and never talk just to add to our clan exp.  Currently we need players for all rolls (raiding, crucible/comp, and gambit teams)because we have players on at all times.  Come hangout with us, you could be in a montage, in house pvp event, or one of our streams!

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