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3/17/2019 12:39:38 AM

Fix the damn Crucible matchmaking fgs

So I've been trying to get Luna's Howl, like many other people, and have come to despise the matchmaking system in Destiny 2. Pairings are inconsistent, often matching four random people against a fireteam of four who then have a massive advantage in communication and co-operation while the four randoms can barely communicate. The game also has no way of dealing with people leaving mid game. Just now I was on a team of three against four twice in a row and lost 60 glory both games. Why am I losing this much glory because of someone else leaving, putting me and the rest of my team in an almost hopeless situation. There needs to be a reduction to glory loss depending on how many people leave your team. Maybe even no loss at all. I also hate being matched against people who are clearly superior. I have been facing people who own The Recluse meaning they have reached Fabled in Glory rank. That means they are better than me, and I'm forced to fight them. Please at least limit the skill difference between players. I know this is a massive request and I probably just wasted 10 minutes of my life typing this but please Bungie, I just want the damn Luna's Howl.

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