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3/15/2019 2:30:17 PM

Thorn Feedback

Alright, so I love Thorn. I've loved it since D1 and used it in almost every activity, even after the nerf. I also love it in D2; in PvE it's actually pretty good, and in PvP under certain conditions, it is pretty good as well. After using it for a few days in comp against countless 180 handcannons I think it's time for a change. Either nerf 180's, or buff Thorn. Or just get rid of bloom completely. 110/140/150 rpm handcannons are at a large disadvantage (more so on console) when going up against 180's. They fire faster, are more forgiving, and are just generally better. I'm sure most people are sick and tired of only being able to use 180's. I want to use my Thorn, but the bloom and recoil are much more difficult to control than on 180's. Also, I'm sure most people would enjoy a buff to the Thorn. Right now it's alright, but it's nothing special. It's a decent 150 handcannon, but why would I use it over things such as Ace of Spades or Luna's Howl? It needs some incentive other than just being Thorn. First suggestion would be to remove bloom from all handcannons. Second would be to fix the recoil animation and make the actual recoil reflect the actual stats. The database says Thorn has a recoil direction of 100, which means completely vertical. But, Thorn has a pretty big kick to the right, which shouldn't be there, according to the stats. And the final suggestion I would like to see added would be to make the Remnants act like Memento Mori on Ace of Spades. Pick one up and it loads 4 special bullets into the mag until you either shoot them off or reload. I'd also like to hear everyones' opinions on Thorn and handcannons in general (more specifically on console).

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