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Feedback on the Forums - A Paradox

This thread I linked above and the reply from the Anthem game dev got me thinking. How many of our suggestions have been missed out because of how we word them ? Bungie used to be the most loved of all the game companies not because they make great games but also because they love their community and listen to them. While the sheer volume of hatred that exists in these forums cannot be quantified, bungie & us the players have an equal responsibility towards it. Gamer Dev like every one of us have a life, their own likes and dislikes but we expect them to take all the hate that comes their way while they continue to give us great content. While there are devs that simply give up and don't care, bungie has constantly tried to do new things. for 10$ the amount of content we have got from this season is staggering. We complained about pvp focus, they release pve content and we still aren't happy. This back and forth takes a toll on everyone involved. How many times have we seen a post about enhancement cores ? While it makes me wonder as to why bungie never acknowledges it how many of those posts contain toxic comments calling out all the people at bungie, insulting them. All while us expecting them to give us better content. Imagine being in a work where you are being yelled at on a regular basis all the while you are aske to deliver top notch content. The forums have gone from civic discussion to insults filled with trolls. Rather than embrace the discussion bungie is forced to avoid their own forums like the plague. Let us try this again. I don't want to be that guy who simply critiques everything without a proper way to fix them. To every single one who spends time in destiny, on the forums, in-game. The next time you want something addressed/changed why don't you try to word it differently. Rather than say how can you be such lazy worthless people who don't know how to fix a game, address the issue, be civil about it. State your problem, why you feel so and give a constructive way to fix this. This is my one take for what I preach. Problem : Enhancement Cores being part of the infusion system. Fix : I feel there needs to be a way to earn more cores or remove them from infusion altogether. Reason : Since after forsaken as a casual gamer i haven't been able to masterwork my favorite weapons, leveling up feels like a chore and i am forced to look bad while playing the game. I don't ask everyone to follow a similar way but think before you write, for all the hate you throw at this game you still play it. Remember that the next time you insult someone. While it is their job to make games, it isn't part of their job to endure your insults. Thank you.

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