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Bearbeitet von GrazzingCow: 3/13/2019 12:41:39 PM

Key Mold Not available on Second Char, First Char never finished the Red War

I was looking for the Keymold for the 4th key for the mysterious box, and realized my character never got it. I have 2 characters made. My first never completed the Red War, and My second has been the main character I have been playing. I haven't received the Key Mold at all on the second one it appears. I have not completed the 3rd forge yet, but I have seen reports it dropping for people who haven't completed all of the first 3 forges. Hopefully these are wrong and I can get it once I complete Izanami but I was trying to do things in parallel due to it being shatter throne week this week. I saw that the issue for only dropping on one character was fixed in the 2.2 patch but I haven't seen it. I am lost on what I should do. Any insight or help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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