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Bearbeitet von hornsbee123: 3/8/2019 8:13:13 PM

Exploiting to Not Forgotten

A former clan mate of mine exploited his way to Not Forgotten. He got his Lunas Howl and then proceeded to get his NF a few days after. Confused as to how he got his NF as he sucks at crucible i found out he went with a group to exploit his way to NF. Using a certain method to get "free wins" i.e. going in with a group of 8 people in a party, spliting that party and facing each other and one leaving the match in orbit the other stays and gets a free win. And now if you check on destiny tracker you will see 51 wins with no Kd no kills etc. Thats how he got it some how exploiting his way to the gun. With a poor .66 kd i sincerely doubt he got it on his own skill.
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