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Bearbeitet von Tyto: 3/8/2019 3:02:12 PM

Take a look at the powerfull engrams please.

My goal is close to Step 1, 2 and 3.


My playstyle is different.


I want to share some thoughts on powerfull engrams. As of right now, I can get powerfull engrams from these activies during the course of one week: [b]Daily = 7[/b] Strikes+2 Gambit +2 Crucible +2 Heroic Story Mission +1 [b]Weekly = 25[/b] Flashpoint +1 Strike +1 Crucible +1 Spider Wanted Bounty +1 Nightfall +2 Heroic Mission +1 Gambit +1 Gambit Prime +1 Gambit Bounty +1 The Reckoning +1 Ikora's 20 bounties +1 Clan XP and rewards +5 Black Armory Forges +3 Dreaming City +4 *(+5 if Blind Well Heroic gives powerfull, not sure) That's a total of [b]32[/b] Powerfull Engrams, not counting raids rewards and primes. Exluding raids powerfulls as most of the playerbase doesn't do raids. Now here's my thoughts; Just because this "checklist" has been removed from Milestones, it still feels like a checklist. I love this game and has so since Destiny 1, but I strongly dislike this reward system of yours. I've always felt it so but even more now as the Season Of Drifter is here. Let me explain why. With every season my goal is to reach max light level, then sort out gear to make them spesific to playstyles. With spesific gears to different game modes and playstyle, the game becomes more fun when doing whatever you like. [i]This is just me, this is how play[/i]. What about others? After talking with my friends that I play with, all of them kinda does it like that. What about the members in my clan? Apparently, many of them also has somewhat the same goal with each season. [b]Step 1: Reach Max Light Level Step 2: Sort out gears. Step 3: Play the game as you like[/b]. Be it farming triumphs, forging weapons, getting god rolls, playing lots of Gambit or lots of Crucible, strikes n raids etc. This reward system however doesn't add up with Step 3: "[i]Play the game as you like[/i]". Step 3 seems to be the main reason for people to play this game. Gamers generally play what they think is fun and whats worth their time. The powerfull engrams ignores our time by forcing us to do [i][u]alot[/u][/i] of things we doesn't want to do. With this in mind I want share some ideas to ease this looting system. By someway letting the gamers be at Step 3 while doing Step 1. Instead of tying the powerfull engrams directly to bounties or activies, what about connecting the powerfull engram drop to your Legend Level? Each time you level up, you get a powerfull engram. This requires a little overhaulin' of the current xp gain and the Eververse Packages of course. Activities and bounties need to give sufficient XP gain to grant an overall of +30 Levels each week. If you play more, you'll gain more. If you play less, you'll gain lesser. The bounties will also grant a Legendary Gear spesific for its activity, meaning if you want a full set of something or just a spesific item, you will have to complete those bounties that rewards Legendary Gear. This way people who dislike any parts of the game, can play what they find fun. This way people who like certain parts of the game, can play what they like. [b]By letting them be at Step 3, doing Step 1.[/b] I'll start a poll, asking of others follow Step 1, 2 and 3. I'm quite curious to see if this is the case for most people. Not sure if the poll got added correctly. Please leave a feedback if you got another idea or if you simply enjoy the current system for powerfull engrams. Also, let me know if I've missed some Powefulls in my counting.

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