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3/7/2019 7:18:10 PM

Screen Goes Black While In Game

I'm having this frustrating bug/error/glitch where my screen goes black at any random time while in game but not while I'm on The Tower. Most of the time it happens when the game flashes with bright light (which happens all the time) and then it just blacks out. I have tried many solutions on the internet like stops background tasks, stops interfering software like gaming device managers (I use Razer Synapse), heck, I even reinstalled my drivers and the game itself, still to no avail. The only temporary solution is the alt+tab combo since I'm playing on laptop, but it's now getting so unbearable because it happens every time the screen flashes e.g. from the bombs hitting you or you're dying. I have no problems on loading like so many others have black screen problems only on loading or startup, so many of the solutions online neither helps or just does a little. Does anyone have a permanent solution to this? My specs are: Intel core i5-4200H NVIDIA GeForce GT750M 8GB RAM Peripherals: Razer BlackWidow TE & Razer Mamba TE with Razer Synapse Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

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