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3/5/2019 10:07:40 PM


OMG BUNGIE, YOU MAD MAN, YOU DID IT!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Ok... breath... Ever since I first played Destiny and tried a Fusion rifle, I was in love. I never quite found a weapon in FPS games that makes me so happy to shoot it, as Fusion Rifles have been over these years. When Destiny 2 launched, I was a little sad. I lost my secondary I've grown so attatched to... But, when I opened my first Exotic engram... Merciless. I suddenly lost my mind, my first Exotic, a Fusion Rifle!? I loved it so much I barely used anything else. When you announced Forsaken, I lost my mind, 2 Legendary Fusions equipable AT THE SAME TIME!? I was so happy, and hopefull that maybe, just maybe.. 3 would be a possibility. I did however, know that it would never happen, even if I wanted it to... And now... Here I am. Sitting in my chair after the update has finished. I decided to look at the Exotic Collections, in vein hope of something cool... Instead, my Destiny Dream has come true. Arbalest. AN EXOTIC LINEAR FUSION RIFLE IN THE [b]KINETIC SLOT[/b]!!!! Even if it takes me [i]forever[/i] to get, THANK YOU, Bungie. You just made this season for me, and I haven't even landed in the Tower. WOOHOO!!! :D

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