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3/5/2019 1:51:17 AM

S6 Allegiance Quest better have consequences

So we know we’re getting Thorn, we know Shin Malphur has said we are grey and can be corrupted. These new pre-story excerpts show that the vanguard is questioning if we’re good or not. And the drifter clearly wants to turn us into the next Dredgen Yor. But what I’m fearing is it doesn’t matter which ‘side’ we pick, it’ll all end the same. My character had the Dredgen title, yet I still got the last word even though the drifter lore clearly showed Shin threatening to kill any guardian who goes rogue. So if I can be a Dredgen and get the good-guy gun, you can probably assume you’ll be able to get Thorn regardless of your allegiance. Destiny could really give us the wheel here and let us choose which fork in the road we want to follow. All of D2 has been foreshadowing how ‘guardians are totally good’, yet aside from the Dredgen title and maybe the whisper quest, there isn’t much retaliating you can do against your vanguard default. I hope I’m wrong, I’m going full Drifter Dredgen in S6, and I hope I get in trouble for it. But I probably won’t. Zavala and Ikora won’t care, and the whole point will be lost.

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