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Bearbeitet von Drakovi: 3/4/2019 10:57:13 PM

Heroic Adventures & lack thereof (please vote) #HeroicAdventureLivesMatter

Option 1


Option 2


You're silly we can't let this happen


Heroic adventures on mars & mercury are easy to access, you can just get them from the vendors. I believe this is a great way to handle heroic adventures, as they grant not bad loot (considering the mini-boss & boss count in adventures as well as the time it takes to finish them). I also believe that this system should be added to non-expansion destinations (EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus). These 4 locations would greatly increase the amount of adventures. Flashpoints are nice and encourage people to do heroic adventures on the flashpoint location, but does not seem so appealing considering its the same location over and over, as well as the same adventures. Granting the ability to do at least 1 heroic adventure at all the destinations daily would increase diversity of gameplay. Loot can be easier accessed, wayfarers wont wait anxiously for the flashpoint they need to come about, and casual players will have more overall enjoyment. You can change this adventure daily, completely random adventure from that location. Another option would be to just add to every vendor the heroic adventures. This would make the map more clear when opened (i like my maps clean of lost sectors, region chests, adventures. I'm slowly getting to clearing every location), and allow the ability to pick when you want the adventure to show up. Conclusion: Option 1) Add 1 heroic adventure to every location. Change it daily. Option 2) Add the ability to buy heroic adventures from every vendor there is. Please vote for which one you would rather want to see.

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