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[PC] [NA] Spindle of Whisper Hammer | PVE | PVP | RAIDS | GAMBIT | ENDGAME |

Welcome to Spindle of Whisper Hammer [u][b]About us...[/b][/u] SWH is a clan focused on community. We’re made up of active, chill players looking to participate in endgame content. We're looking to recruit active players from NA who play PVE and/or PVP. Returning and/or new players are welcome! As long as you're willing to learn, someone is willing to teach. We’re chill, but not casual, members are expected to participate in endgame. [u][b]General Requirements...[/b][/u] [PC] [NA] Must own expansions/DLC Be in our [url=]Discord[/url] (mic req) Mature 500+ power level on at least one character [u][b]How to join...[/b][/u] Our clan is focused around Discord, it's pretty much a requirement to be able to communicate with other members. We also use Discord to check activity and find other players for activities. 1) Upvote this post 2) Apply to the clan 3) Join our [url=]Discord![/url] 4) Contact an admin through Discord and we'll conduct a short interview when available

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