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2/20/2019 3:09:46 PM

Lagging in purpose in competitive crucible

So I was playing on my friends account in Competitive to get him the luna's howl. Then, I met these four-stack Koreans playing on EU servers last night and no less to say they were lagging like hell. Flashing around corners, getting insta-killed by them, dying behind cover, rubber banding, our shots are not registering whatsoever. I and my teammates reported these people of course and we thought that's that, Bungie will take care of things and getting banned from the crucible. Guess what, NOPE, met them again just now and of course, they won because we could not land a shot on them. I have plenty of footage to prove it and I am afraid of getting banned for calling their names out. So this made me think, if Bungie doesn't care about these people and won't do anything to stop them from what they are doing, then what is the difference between building a lag switch and run that in the crucible? You don't get any feedback from the report system if anyone has been banned or not. No matter how many reports you send, it seems like there is no effect at all. I feel like there should be clearer feedback on how the report result and of course ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING to the offenders, otherwise, there is no point playing this game fair if everyone is abusing the system.

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