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2/21/2019 6:55:06 AM

Titans need work. A LOT OF WORK.

Titans need a rework


Titans are fine as they are.


This has been said so many times but I must say so again for all my Titan brothers. Bungie, can we please get a few buffs? They're desperately needed. With how powerful literally all the Warlock and Hunter supers are it seems almost pointless to use Titan supers unless you're cornered or in game modes where you aren't easily surrounded. Titans are great in Crimson doubles, Control Points, and Melting Point, but otherwise when the crowd gets bigger and largely consists of Hunters and some Warlocks that have all the range, the best melee, far better exotics that compliment their abilities, and greater overall speed and versatility it makes me wonder why you even put the titan class in the game to begin with. In fact, I wonder specifically why Strikers have it so bad. Sunbreakers have a decent amount of range, but that's just their vanilla tree and the third subclass largely replaces that with a big hammer that makes you slower and is almost useless in PvP. Sentinels have some range, but not much speed and the amount of shield throws per super is far too low to be really viable in PvP I understand that Titans are brawlers, so melee and close range is their thing, but in a situation where Warlocks and Hunters either have insane range, blistering speed, or stealth that makes them virtually undetectable it makes being limited to only close range a really stupid move on your part as a player. On top of that Titans have bar none the worst exotics and their basic melee strike is the weakest and has no range at all. It barely has a lunge. You'd this a group of individuals with arms like cannons and fists like sledgehammers would be cracking skulls with ease, but it seems an over-glorified force push or a tiny knife is better and is somehow worthy of robbing Titans of the one thing they're supposed to be good for. Can we get some quality lunges? Maybe a bit of a damage buff? Can our exotics get a bit more love? I don't understand why Bungie hates Titans so much. However, given how incompetent they make Titans look in the lore I guess it shouldn't be surprising. We even get taunted by Asher, and he isn't even a guardian anymore. I just wonder why. If I were to make some suggestions. Sunbreaker -Shoulder bash while in Super -Increase movement speed while in Super Sentinel -Add one to two more shield throws -Increase movement speed Striker -Increase range of dash All supers -Decrease amount of super bar used up by dashing Titan class in general -Add more of a lunge to their melee -Increase damage per punch Exotics -Tweak exotic perks to better compliment Titan class abilities

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