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2/19/2019 10:06:41 PM

Why does special event merchandise cost more than the game?

So I've played Destiny since day one and over time, they have had special 'rewards' for completing triumphs, book progress, or other special bounties. This 'special reward' is an opportunity to purchase Destiny branded and designed merchandise. Cool. I like Destiny, I am also a geek and don't mind sporting Destiny gear, but $50 + tax + S/H for a thin hoodie? I said I'm a geek, not a nerd. My personal valuation doesn't depend on if I can wear a special piece of memorabilia that really only matters to me, since not too many other people would even know what it is or where it is from. I guess it leaves out any post-consumer satisfaction, that I have to pay more for gear to prove that I play the game I paid much less for. Sigh. Wouldn't settling for a closer-to-cost ratio be more beneficial in the volume sold, which in turn is actually advertising your product directly from satisfied customers?

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