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Nightfall Rotation

Can you please make a more consistent nightfall rotation “schedule”? There are 14 strikes in this game (on Xbox). Every strike can be rotated at least once in a 5 week period, with one “repeat”. Despite this, it’s still been 8 weeks since “The Inverted Spire” has been available as a nightfall. “Strange Terrain” has been available for 5 of the past 10 weeks, and between January 15 and 22, the nightfall strike rotation didn’t change at all. “The Corrupted” was only available once out of the past 10 weeks, and that was because you decided to change it due to community backlash, and that strike [b]still[/b] has a bugged challenge after 5 months of Forsaken. There’s a better way to rotate the Nightfall strike playlist. I’m not saying you need to make every single strike available every week, but an even rotation to: 1. Keep nightfall strikes fresh (as they can be at this point) 2. Reduce frustration for players who have been frustrated by the games poor RNG My two cents on an easy quality of life fix that would benefit players and improve your image.

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