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2/7/2019 9:56:33 PM

Bungie can we get some more buffs please?

I several weapos and their archetypes need/deserve buffs. Auto rifles just recieved a buff which allowed alot of them to kill much more consistently over all resilience levels. However I still feel they arents when they need to be in the time to kill. They struggle to combat alot of other weapon types even at closer distances. They deserve a buff that will bring the ttk down a slight bit, just above smgs. More in the 0.7-0.8 range rather than the 0.8-10 range. Adaptive handcannons need a buff to critical damage so it can 2H1B, so they can gain some consistency. Aggresive handcannons need a buff to body damage so it can hit its numbers consistently against combatants even at a distance.

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