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Bearbeitet von JaDeJitsuEX: 2/7/2019 3:45:56 PM

Cant Progress in Black Armory

Right so as many are currently having the same issue of having weapon frames disappearing. I was working through my quest to unlock the Gofannon Forge with a sniper rifle frame and as you can probably guess its gone. Firstly it wasnt dropping Compound Ether (which i believe has been fixed in Now i am either doing something very wrong or there is no way, how can i continue to progress in this DLC when i dont have any quests. Have i got to complete a wave of the Goffanon Forge then will i get a step, why did i not get my sniper rifle frame back or even just the quest. Please Bungie just fix this we paid for this DLC and your taking our items Thanks to anyone who responds EDIT: i have done on run of the Forge and got nothing to allow me to progress to the next

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