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2/7/2019 12:29:59 AM

Escalation Sniper: How To Make It More Fun

This is a great Idea


I don't like this idea


I have a better idea (comment below)


I've been thinking and brainstorming with my friend about various weapons, and how to make them more useful, or fun, or even just different. So today I'll mention our idea for the Escalation Protocol sniper rifle, IKELOS_SR_v1.01 This sniper rifle is a rapid fire frame with Box Breathing, and Triple Tap, and also has Seraph rounds, which overpenetrate targets, and ricochet off of hard surfaces. It's a good sniper, but it feels a bit lacking, especially when compared to its brother, the EP shotgun. EP shotty has a perk called Trench Barrel, in which you melee'd an enemy, and the next two shots had increased damage. So why not try to add that kind of benefit to our sniper? [b]EP sniper unique Box Breathing. Upon Box Breathing proccing, the next 2-3 shots will retain the Box Breathing range/precision damage buff, before resetting, forcing you to hold the scope again.[/b] Box Breathing is a great perk, but it ultimately makes it tough to justify hardscoping for that long just to fire one shot on a rapid fire sniper. It's a decent sniper already, but I honestly never see it used anymore, just because the Box Breathing perk doesn't match the gun. With the unique "Box Breathing v2", it'd help with Triple Tap as well, potentially making this sniper a lot more potent in PVE and PVP activities. Thoughts on this?

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