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2/3/2019 2:40:45 AM

Nightstalker Shadowshot Trees Rework

Nightstalker and it's two tether trees are some of the least used abilities in crucible and isn't as helpful in pve as it was in the first game. I believe that it should be reworked in order to bring it up to the viability of other supers to give it a greater impact. My thoughts were to have it work the exact same way to make it so that it isn't a whole brand new super but change some of the core ways that it works. All Nightstalker trees now go invisible upon dodging but the duration of invisibility will be decreased by 1 second. [b]Way of the Trapper[/b] -[u]Snare Bomb[/u] --Removed enemy radar tracking to support more strategic play. -[u]Remove Vanishing Step[/u] --As mentioned above all three paths should go invisible upon dodging which in turn would make this an unnecessary perk. -[u]Add Hidden Eye[/u] --In replacement of the Vanishing Step ability, Hidden Eye would work where once the Snare bomb has detonated any enemy within the smoke, the Hunter can see through walls with a Truesight like ability. [i]This adds more importance to hiding the snare bombs in unseen locations and creates a new level of strategic placement for the snare bomb.[/i] -[u]Deadfall[/u] --Increased durability of the non-active anchor to prevent early activation. --Remove the visible circle around that tether anchor that can alert enemies to it's existence. --Auto anchor activation increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. [i]This allows more options for placing the tether in an area where enemies are either expected to go or as a way to control a desired area.[/i] --Anchors now pull enemies closer to the anchor. The closer the enemies are to the anchor, the more damage they can receive. [i]This creates more incentive to use the tether as a trap rather than a panic or shutdown super.[/i] -Shadowshot arrow now one hits on direct hit of non-supered guardians. [b]Way of the Pathfinder[/b] -[u]Vanish in Smoke[/u] --Larger blast radius to increase use for group invisibility --If player is already invisible during use it doubles the duration of their invisibility -[u]Lockdown[/u] --Adds an additional voidwall grenade [i]This creates higher opportunity to lock off certain areas hence the name lockdown.[/i] -[u]Heart of the Pack[/u] --Increased range for the ally buffs -[u]Moebius Quiver[/u] --Increased duration of super from 10 seconds after first shadowshot to 30 seconds after first shadowshot. [i]This allows the super to feel more like other roaming supers[/i] --All tethered enemies will now have a small radius around them that will tether other near by enemies. Each chain can grab up to 3 enemies from the tether anchor. Each enemy chained increases the duration and durability of the anchor. [i]This makes it so that once an enemy has been tethered, it is harder to avoid, making the super ineffective in certain scenarios. This also increases the over all effectiveness of the tethers.[/i] --Reduce the number of anchors fired to 3 down from 6 --Shadowshot arrows now one hit on direct hit of non-supered guardians. These changes in my opinion would make the shadowshot trees of Nightstalker a lot more viable for all situations including crucible use. I am looking forward to seeing feedback on my idea from other people. Remember that there is no reason to be harsh in the comments so please be reasonable so that you may change my opinion in a respectable manor.

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