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2/1/2019 7:16:18 AM

Frames and Archetypes

Let me preface this with the fact that this is a rant about dust rock blues. Upon the introduction of Destiny 2, Bungie and Activision showed us a new system of archetypes: different intrinsic perks associated with different RoFs and such. It was cool, it added noticeable bonuses to otherwise identical weapons. Something to chew on and make a ‘build’ around. Of these archetypes was one frame in particular on shotguns that enabled the use of slugs as opposed to shells. An interesting concept demonstrated by the infamous chaperone in Destiny 1 now made available on legendary shotguns, and in the right hands, rather potent. Then along cake Warmind and for some reason Bungie was like “to hell with traditional archetypes and reasonable boundaries, crucible is boring and we should make a felwinters lie clone and name it something different. Thus the Dust Rock Blues was born. I have no qualms about the weapon itself, but combined with the rampant use of Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten (which are blatantly overpowered in their own right...) it is almost unbeatable. There is a pretty good farm for this weapon and range-enabling perks that make it even better than it is. To bring this all together my problem with dust rock blues is the fact that it’s a precision frame. Those frames are meant to provide extra range to slug shotguns as a means of increasing the kill range of a PRECISION shot. Not so some dickweek on the other team can snipe me from 12 meters with slide shot snapshot B.S. Change it’s frame. Don’t do any shell precision frames. Life will be good. Also if you could just remove One Eyed Mask, that would be nice too.

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