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Blind Well makes me not want to play

I haven't played D2 in what feels like a long time... I wanted to go back for the Uldren/Ghost cutscene but remembered I'd have to do Blind Well... MAN CAN AN ACTIVITY BE ANY MORE BORING? Please Bungie. Escalation Protocol was so much more fun. I don't know why. Maybe the 'boss every wave' part of it helps or the fact that we can move around freely? @whoever designed Blind Well: You do realise that moving from one point to another is a meaningless mechanic because it does nothing to make the game different or more fun right? Each point is exactly the same as the last. Why is that even a mechanic? I just don't get it. The activity is really mundane. If you made the Oracle drop from the Ascendant Challenge instead which are actually a lot of fun in both a gameplay and skill sense then I might have played back then.

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