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Bearbeitet von Bigfoots Son: 1/24/2019 7:46:36 AM

Dreaming City Cosmetics Drop Rate

Hey Bungie; any chance of an increase in the drop rate for the Dreaming City cosmetics (Sparrow, Ghost, Ship)? I only need the Sparrow for Cursebreaker and in all honesty it's getting a little frustrating that it just refuses to drop. Even if you just increased the chance for these items to drop from certain activities every week until you got them (similar to the Nightfall system) that would be something. I'd hate to be locked out of getting the Cursebreaker pin for something that is ultimately completely out of my control. Edit: I can't believe how many replies this post got! Solidarity, brothers and sisters: I hope you all get the drops you need very soon. For that matter, I hope I do, too!

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