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Bearbeitet von SittimInsane: 1/18/2019 6:49:17 PM

useless (but pretty) year 1 gear? what about having a skin slot?

Hi bungie i often open my collection and look at the great looking gears we have avaible year one : -raid gears and -protocoles -even some faction rally ones are pretty tasty looking Nowadays if we want some optimized gears we have to wear year 2 raids or dreaming city gears ( and exotics but anyways) i was wondering what could be a not too complicated (i hope so) way to allow our guardian to look unique and i had a flash! why not put a skin slot on armors (not exotics of course) ? that way we could equipe effective gears and use all those treasures we have in our collection. i chase some enhanced perks but if i do so ill just have 8 different set of reveries (easiest ones to get) not really fun actually... ok let me explain how i see the thing all armors (not exotics) would have skin slot we could attach any of the same type(class) armor on that slot, only the skin would be active and the piece consumed making year one gears a infinite source of skins and style making year 2 gears relevant either for perks and skins... is that something possible?

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