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Destiny 2

Diskutiere über alles, was mit Destiny 2 zu tun hat.
Bearbeitet von Grizzled-Veteran: 1/16/2019 4:10:02 AM

Read this before it gets taken down. “Veteran players of Destiny 2 should be generously rewarded in Destiny 3 if bungie does decide to start us off with a clean slate. Please support and comment.

I want to start off by saying that this is a great community and I believe that going into the future bungie should reward the veteran players of destiny aka the hard core community with meaningful rewards. Let’s face it triumphs do absolutely nothing, the score doesn’t earn us any physical rewards that we can use in game. Every one loves gear let’s implement that. Any ways let’s dive in: Destiny is an amazing game and we all love to play it. So many of us have been dedicated players for years and have spent hundreds of hours, maybe even thousands of hours playing both of these games. As we look forward to the possibility of D3 on the horizon this raises two questions in the community is destiny going to start the original 10 year plan back up with D2 again or will they wipe the slate clean and start all over again with Destiny 3. We don’t know how the future is going to turn out but we as loyal players feel we should get a generous gift from bungie for all the of the dedicated hours we have spent in the game not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on dlc’s we had to get to make the games even remotely playable. So bungie please do a different reward system, the triumphs... titles, emblems, and seals don’t actually do anything... like at all. We want guns and armor... just give us guns and armor that is tied to these achievements. So first off I have two examples of proper ways to reward veteran players. And by no means am I saying we have to fallow these exact systems but they worked and they were valuable. They changed how you played the game and significantly rewarded players generously for their time with the franchise. First up is Army Of Two, if you played the first game then in the second game you would get access to very unique, powerful and exclusive weapons and other gear. One of the rewards was a Sniper with an under-barrel attachment, it was the kind of reward that would make you go back and buy the older game, just to get that weapon unlocked in the current game. Second up is Boarderlands, they rewarded their players with keys. These keys would open up a chest that rewarded players with random powerful randomly rolled weapons and it could be looted multiple times until you were out of keys. These keys were rewarded to veteran players based on the level that they achieved in the previous game. So for me I had a couple hundred going into the next game and it set me up nicely. I felt good about all that time I spent playing and many others were and are very satisfied with that aspect. These keys weren’t just a one time thing either, you could buy them off of the site and you would also get access to a daily key code that would refresh so you could unlock the box once a day for free. Destiny players would love this. So I’m am going to end on this. Bungie has an opportunity to make an epic comeback in the future of destiny, we all want them to succeed and we all want to feel good about our purchases. It’s our responsibility to speak out to support our community and our game. It’s important that the veteran community gets a little extra love from bungie because we are the reason that they are in business.

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