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Bearbeitet von Lastofthegods: 1/14/2019 6:01:33 PM

Bungie can patch raid loot glitches in 24 hrs but can’t fix missing powerful weapon frames

Now I know Bungie is already looking into this issue. However, they need to understand that this needs to be a hotfix. I literally grinded my second character yesterday to get another shot at jotunn. Just to find that all my powerful frames were gone and all frames were missing from her inventory. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed fast. Bungie can make quick patches within 24 hrs, when players are glitching into raids receiving free loot. But when the game prevents players ability to complete powerful weapon frames on a 2nd character, you all are “looking into it”. What this says to me is whenever a glitch or a bug benefits players due to an exploit you all are quick to cover it up real fast to prevent it. But when bugs are literally making contents of the game unplayable you all take your time to look into it, instead of fixing it right away.

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