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Genx Esports | Casual Gaming Community | 500+ Members and Growing!

Genx Esports was officially formed on February 8, 2018. What started with a few friends quickly grew into a community of several hundred, and now to a fully fledged gaming organisation! We have community hubs for many games, including Destiny, and are always looking for others to expand to and support. At our core we focus on providing everyone with an enjoyable place to play games of all sorts with a casual atmosphere. There is always something going on and plenty of others to meet and play with! That does not mean we are without a competitive side though, supporting teams for Rocket League, PUBG, and CS:GO. Everyone has a place at Genx Esports! The Destiny clan for Genx Esports is open to the public, and we have no requirements to join other than to have fun! We do our best to approve requests in a timely manner. You can request to join the clan here: Our main hub for everything is through Discord, which you can join here: Other areas of interest include: -Website: -Twitter: -Twitch: We look forward to playing together and expanding our community with new friends and family! If you requested to join remember to upvote this post!

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