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1/11/2019 8:25:02 PM

If there were online Gambit Tournaments, would you participate?

Yes, I'd pay an entry fee (prize pool)


Yes, if it was free (no prize pool)




TLDR: Gambit is cool and I want to run some Gambit Tournaments when Gambit Customs Games release. What are your thoughts? Gambit is one of my favorite Destiny 2 activities. Coming from organizing and running tournaments for HCS, Smite, LoL, Super Smash Bros, and CS:GO I've been wanting to set up and run Destiny tournaments for a long time now. Originally when D1 came out, through my work, I had planned and laid the ground work for Nightfall tournaments before D1 had custom games. However the week before executing, it had the plugged pulled on it and I was told that I couldn't use that info independently. Then Trials of Osiris came out which was nice and once customs games were released, my living situation had changed to the point where I didn't have the capability of hosting tournaments independently. Then D2 released and PvP, in my opinion, wasn't eSports friendly so when custom games finally rolled around for D2, I wasn't excited to attempt what I had wanted to in D1. The PvE weapon balancing simply conflicts too heavily with PvP balancing, creating "Meta" builds that either you have and win, or don't have and lose. There are simply too many uncontrolled factors to hold a "Fair" tournament. However, now there is Gambit. A game mode unique to the Destiny universe and in my eyes eSports friendly enough to hold tournaments for. It utilizes both PvP & PvE (PvPvE), meaning that there isn't a singular "Meta" that works all of the time. So I would very much like to entertain the idea of hosting Destiny Tournaments in Gambit when the Gambit Custom Games release. What are your thoughts? Would you participate? Would you pay an entry fee if there was a prize pool? Would you like individual tournaments? Would you like a league?

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