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1/10/2019 3:22:08 PM

Mysterious Box Quest BUGGED

I'm stuck at the part where you have to do a rare bounty. Not a huge deal, except that you can ONLY get the quest on 1 character. Once you collect it, only that character has it. Even if you delete it and try to recollect on a different character, you can't. Only the 1 character has it. It just so happens it's on my least used character because I was trying to bring some variety when I was playing with friends. Once I got the quest, I figured I could get it on my main character and do it with him. Come to find out I was wrong. So, I'm stuck doing it on my Warlock. Fine. Not a huge deal. I can manage. I get to the point where you need to do a rare bounty....... now I'm mad. I have rare bounties on both my Titan and Hunter and it just so happens that there's a quest step for a rare bounty and I have the quest on THE ONLY character who doesn't have one. The one I did have expired a few days ago.... so now, I'm stuck on the quest until RNGsus decides to bless my warlock with a rare bounty after grinding out dailies. (and pray to God it drops before reset and isn't an obnoxiously drawn out one because... well, shattered throne, which is a whole different argument in and of itself). It doesn't make much sense to have a mysterious box for every character, only to be able to do the quest on only 1 character. Something needs to be done about this and FAST. I shouldn't have to wait almost another full month to finish a quest that started a full month ago. This is just ridiculous. Do SOMETHING Bungie! I beg of you.

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