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1/8/2019 12:09:51 AM

Braytech weapons for Wayfarer seal

Please alter the drops for the braytech weapons and make schematics guaranteed to drop a weapon you don’t have, like the escalation armour. I’ve been trying to get wayfarer for weeks now and this is the only thing holding me back. I only need to get the braytech winter wolf. Just opened a schematic that I spent 2 hours grinding for and got another 18 kelvins. I’ve spoken to the rest of my clan and most of them are missing only one of the braytech weapons. They are all having the same problem I am and getting constant duplicates when they only need one weapon. I play the game for a lot more hours than most and somehow half the time I seem to be trailing behind players that only jump in for an hour every few days. This is the same with exotics!!!

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