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Bearbeitet von SunRedux: 1/3/2019 12:03:10 AM

A shoutout for the main menu ban!

Today I tried to rip a helmet model out of the game via ninjaripper in order to use it for a render only to find my account banned later that day due to " cheating ". Mind you this was done in the Main Menu when you can only see your character. Previously I have tried grabbing the asset I wanted from " " but it didn't prove that reliable as the in game method. Now I can't say I am really that upset over the decision, considering i picked up the game for free. But not being able to appeal such cases represents a major downside especially when Destiny is really trying to reel players in (and maybe keep them). All of my games over on have always been in good standing so far and this is the only time something this trivial has been met with such a severe repercussion from any gaming company. Needless to say, I can't really say I expect a change in this or even a second glance from someone in the support department. Player support needs a bit of a step up here. P.S. If everything was as thoroughly investigated as the " Ban Support " article leads people to believe issues like this versus actual people that use cheats would be easy to differentiate from. Best regards!

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