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PvE oriented clan looking for members {XBOX} NA timezones, mostly on post 8pm est

Do you hate the Cabal bringing their mining drill and causing an incessant racket? Then this is the clan for you We are a group of Destiny veterans that focus on helping new comers and completing all weekly milestones. Our main priorities are 1. Having a good time 2. Being active on the game 3. Helping others We don't enforce an age requirement, just be considerate of the maturity levels of the people you play with. Most of us are on a first name basis now, so if your looking for a smaller group where you can get to know people rather than a clan with max members where you'll play with only a few, please send me a message, we'd love to have you Main form of communication is Discord, you can find multiple LFG channels on there, random chat and memes, or just a chill place to hangout while you farm out

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