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Bearbeitet von FdYAcsoyPKN83gLE: 12/22/2018 7:18:00 PM

Can Destiny 2 stop being Fortnite.

Thanks. You know what I mean..... [spoiler][quote][b][i]We did not ask for an eververse expansion. None of the items in ever verse are obtainable in game because of the lowesr drop rate possible. STOP RESKINING GUNS. STOP Being CHEAP AGIANST THE PLAYERS ACTING LIKE NONE OF US CAN RELIZE THE BS. THE XP SCALING IS UNACCEPTABLE. WHY DONT YOU LOOK BACK ON DESTINY ONE AND SEE WHY NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH EVERVERSE THERE AND SEE HOW TO EXPAND THE GAME PROPERLY. OSIRIS STORY WAS MORE THEN COMPLETE...NOTHING TO LEARN AT ALL FROM IT. SO QUESTION....WOULD YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR OWN GAME IN THE STATE THAT ITS IN?[/i][/b][/quote][/spoiler] In fact, did you know you can get Eververse items just by playing the game, but they are so rare, that I got only two to happen?! I wish reward screens were back! No more Eververse please!

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