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Want a calm and casual clan? Try the Key Legion! (KEY)

We are a large and casual clan of active Destiny 2 players on the PC. We are also a relatively new clan. We are trying to grow to be a larger sized clan, so if you're looking to join a group a people who enjoy chatting, playing video games, and most importantly having fun times, this is the right place. Unlike other clans, we have no mandatory requirements! [u]We also support new players![/u] Although we have no mandatory requirements, we still recommend that you are a semi-active member of our community and communicate with other clan members. We also recommend that you use a PC, but any console is accepted although it may be harder to find a fireteam. We also have a discord for extra communication. Join the clan to access it. So why don't you give it a try, and join The Key Legion! Branch 1 [FULL]: Branch 2 [FULL]: Branch 3 [FULL]: Branch 4 [FULL]: Branch 5 [FULL]: Branch 6 [FULL]: Branch 7 [FULL]: Branch 8 [FULL]: Branch 9 [FULL]: Branch 10 [FULL]:

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