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12/18/2018 4:41:25 AM

Burning Maul needs a rework like Spectral (My own solution)

Embarrassing addition of a super to Destiny. -Can't close the gap -Lights take more energy and don't even one shot acolytes -Super as a whole deals lackluster damage -Throwing Hammer tracking is bad and travels awfully slow -Has the worst aerial combat of any super introduced to Destiny -Super is too easily jumped over -Roaring Flames is too situational, doesn't work to well with the super against bosses This super needs to be fixed, and I have a solution: Lights don't take super energy but instead grants super energy if lights land, just like the ROI Battleaxe. And tornadoes funnel opponents from the air or near into itself. Throwing Hammer tracking slightly increased. Roaring Flames stack with each fire tornado tick to enemies. And that's it, it's good now.

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