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How to Gambit: A PSA

AKA: How to not Piss Off your Teammates AKA: How to not be the Reason your Team Lost I've played way too many gambit matches lately with people that have no idea how to be competitive. I don't know about anybody else but i'm coming to the end of my rope with what I can stand, trying to get breakneck is annoying enough already without the constant losses so i'm going to do my best to make a cumulative report on the things people can do to not annoy their entire team. [b]Tip 1: Don't go for 15[/b] At most you should be carrying 10. This lessens the possibility of losing a chunk of important motes and speeds up your team while slowing the other down. Taken phalanxes may be the most aggravating blocker to exist, especially when they're stacked as their shield can be annoying to deal with. You should only ever carry 15 if you or a teammate used their ult and/or absolutely decimated a large group. Ogres can be great against an uncoordinated team but they're generally not worth the risk or the effort. TL;DR 15 motes isn't worth, bank often and safely. [b]Tip 2: Kill Blockers, Don't Ignore them[/b] A blocker is literally the only thing stopping you from banking. They can be challenging to take down solo, and should be taken care of with [i]top priority.[/i] One may not seem like a huge deal until you come back amd theres 2 knights, 3 phalanxes and an ogre. TL;DR Kill blockers now, not later [b]Tip 3: Don't hide from invaders, hunt them.[/b] The Drifter himself tells you this. Remember when you get invaded it's a 4v1. By all accounts your team has the upper hand especially if any one of you is equipped to handle them with a ranged oneshot weapon. If anybody is carrying a large amount of motes, [i]PROTECT[/i] them. TL;DR Don't be scared of one invader, be aggressive and [i]hunt them down[/i] [b]Tip 4: Don't Hog the Portal[/b] One of the most aggravating things can be when someone has heavy ammo or is equipped to wipe a team with their ult and some noob jumps in and gets oneshot within 2 seconds. A wasted portal is a huge loss. Communicate and find the best person for the job, or at the very least, don't jump in for no reason, give someone else a chance. TL;DR Don't use portals if you aren't prepared. Sorry for the essay. This was written in the hopes of [u]helping[/u] people, not complaining. These are all things everybody can do to improve the gambit experience, and things you [i]should[/i] be doing to improve the quality of team play in a match. Generally, just play smart and use big brain teamwork, and not small brain selfish plays. Don't drop those motes, guardians.

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