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12/10/2018 7:41:19 AM

Scourge of the Past: A Travesty (PLEASE HELP)

[b]TLDR We attempted Scourge of the Past live on twitch for a first 24 hour clear. My team got it. I didn't. I disconnected seconds before we beat the final boss, couldn't rejoin my fireteam, and thus didn't get my within-24-hour completion.:[/b] VIDEO IS OF FULL RAID AND THUS CONTAINS SPOILERS On Day 1 of the new raid, my team and I geared up and hopped in to get that 24 hour completion. We did really well, and got all the way to the final boss, Insurrection Prime. After several attempts, we had a great damage phase (and even greater luck) and the boss' health was SO LOW. As we prepped for the final damage phase, I (JesterMAS) disconnected completely from the game. As my team killed the final boss, I quickly fixed my internet and tried to get back in. Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me rejoin them because the boss had already been killed. The rest of my team got their rewards and new raid emblem (not the 24 hour one though because of a bug I guess?). I did not. My team (being the wonderful humans that they are) ran the last encounter with me for another three hours until it was 5 or 6 in the morning. Weariness got the better of us, however, and we had to call it quits. My hope is that Bungie will look at this video (recorded and streamed by one of teammates) and have mercy on me and somehow let me have the emblem with my team. In the video (I'm the girl voice), I disconnected around [url=]7hr 44 min[/url], Destiny realizes I disconnected at [url=]7hrs 44 min 38 seconds[/url], boss dies at [url=]7hrs 45 min 10 seconds[/url]. The entire raid is posted as proof that I actually did complete the entire raid within the first 24 hours. My husband streamed and recorded it as well, but we are having trouble uploading it. I have [url=]Destiny Raid Report[/url] as proof as well. I'm doing everything I can to get this to Bungie (support tickets, this forum, Twitter, Reddit. I even asked xGladd about it while he was streaming). Does anyone know what else I can do???? We went back today and completed it, but I want the 24 hour emblem when they fix the bug.

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